Event: Joining the Dots on Qatar, Modern Slavery and Legacies of Colonialism

When: Tues 31st January from 4pm-5pm
Online session via Zoom: register your place here
Format: interactive workshop with Q&A
Speaker: Dr Chris O’Connell

In the 1890s, the British Empire gained control of Qatar. Slavery was formally abolished in Qatar in 1952. And yet since it’s abolition, poor migrant workers have worked under a system which has been compared to slavery (the term modern slavery has been used).

Following the 2022 World Cup, hosted in Qatar, the session is an opportunity for history teachers (or those that teach with history components such as CSPE or politics and society teachers) to use the example of Qatar and modern slavery to apply a new framework for Critical Development Education (CDE). The CDE framework identifies a series of key concepts to underpin a historical enquiry and this session will:

  • Introduce the background to ‘modern slavery’ ideas, asking do they even come close to engaging with historical slavery and its legacies using the topical case study of Qatar (among others)?
  • Introduce a teacher’s guide and methods for exploring modern slavery today
  • Provide a space to applying the CDE framework in your own practice
  • Q&As

This session will be of interest to:

  • Junior Cycle history teachers (Learning outcome 3.2 on the Age of Exploration);
  • Senior Cycle history (Europe and the wider world: Topic 5 on ‘European retreat from empire and the aftermath, 1945?1990’)
  • Educators that teach with history components, such as CSPE or politics and society teachers

Registration: Register your place at the workshop via this link.

About the speaker
Dr Chris O’Connell produced The Modern Slavery series on developmenteducation.ie and is a researcher at the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University and Project Officer at Comhlámh, the association of development workers and volunteers.