Proudly Made in Africa: adapting and responding to Covid 19

As part of the Irish Development Education Association virtual conference, 2020, Dr David Nyaluke of Proudly Made in Africa, presented their work around Including Decolonial and Racism Discussions in Development Education as part of the Showcase of Development Education responses and adaptations to Covid 19

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David Nyaluke from Proudly made in Africa, a social enterprise promoting Africa’s finest food and fashion producers globally

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ICJ South Africa v Israel

Punching above its weight

Juan Acevedo-Ossa explores South Africa’s case against Israel as the latest example of its ability to act as a normative superpower, exceeding the great powers in shaping global moral discourse.

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Empathy in a Divided World – workshop

Join us for this online session Empathy in a Divided World led by Brighid Golden to discuss how educators can respond to the challenges of selective empathy, both for ourselves personally and with others in our different settings.

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