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Who We Are

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What We Did

Collaborated and created a mural in  Cork

Why We Did It

To raise awareness of the SDGs by creating an eye-catching, interactive piece of SDG-themed street art in Cork City. To learn skills to turn the SDG icons (and other images) into stencils and make a public mural. To engage the public by inviting them to step into the picture and take photos that could be further shared online.

SDGs mural Cork

How We Did It

The event was advertised online, inviting interested people to sign up and meet at the wall on the day. SDG stencils had been prepared in advance and two facilitators briefed the group around creating public art and the safe use of materials. The facilitators helped participants to apply the stencils to the wall using spray paint.

SDGs street art Cork
SDGs street art Cork
Street art Cork
SDGs street art Cork

Stencils were created by sticking stencil card/recycled posters to a wall. Project the SDG symbols in your chosen size onto the card and trace the image. Using a craft knife, cut out the parts that you want the paint to go through onto the wall.

We created a background for our stencils using a cog shape, we matched the colours from the SDG resources and painted the interlocking cogs with these colours.

We left them to dry and added our stencils to the cogs to create the finished mural. We added a handle so that the public could step into the frame and look as if they were in control of putting the cogs of the SDG’s in motion.

Was it successful

“The reaction from passers-by was really powerful, people were really curious and grateful to us for brightening up the area. I can’t wait to use my new stencil making skills with young people in my work.”

Hazel Hurley


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