11 cartoons on Covid-19, climate change and the arms trade by Martyn Turner

Martyn Turner’s political cartoons are unavoidably challenging. In a career spanning more than four decades, he has raised questions of justice, equality, contradiction, responsibility, hypocrisy, accountability, rights and wrongs on a weekly basis in the pages of the Irish Times

Here are 11 cartoons produced through Martyn’s many distinctive ‘takes’ on contentious global issues, including the arms trade, vaccine nationalism and Covid-19, as well as exploring migration and refugees.

For more, explore the interactive feature based on one cartoon and 6 starter educational activities as part of the Martyn Turner series marking the contribution of one of Ireland’s most distinctive journalists and political cartoonists.

Credit: © Martyn Turner (6 Nov 2021 )

Topics: COP26, climate change, fossil fuels

Credit: © Martyn Turner (6 Dec 2021 )

Topics: Amazon, rain forest, consumption

Credit: © Martyn Turner (8 Nov 2019 )

Topics: Social media, information, fake news

Credit: © Martyn Turner (9 Oct 2021 )

Topics: global warming, health, children

Credit: © Martyn Turner (12 June 2021 )

Topics: arms trade, G7, Covid-19 vaccines

Credit: © Martyn Turner (16 Nov 2021 )

Topics: climate change, global warming, COP26, children

Credit: © Martyn Turner (20 Feb 2018)

Topics: plastic, waste, oceans, fish

Credit: © Martyn Turner (30 Oct 2015)

Topics: migration, EU policy, asylum seekers, conflict

Credit: © Martyn Turner (23 April 2021)

Topics: Earth Day, fossil fuels, climate change

Credit: © Martyn Turner (24 Nov 2021)

Topics: arms trade, Afghanistan, conflict, peace, charity

Credit: © Martyn Turner (27 March 2021)

Topics: privatisation, health, Covid-19, vaccines, vaccine nationalism, equality


Note – these cartoons were originally published on the Irish Times. Republished on developmenteducation.ie with permission, and thanks, to Martyn Turner.