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Age Action – Education Pack – Older people on the Global Agenda


Designed for use in education generally (15 years upwards), this resource focuses on the issue of older people and development through exploring specific issues such as pensions, social protection, health, HIV and AIDS etc. with a particular focus on Ireland, Peru and Argentina. It includes a large range of activities for use in educational settings.

Resource Details


This 74 page resource is divided into 4 sections. The first provides a set of 10 ice-breaker and introductory activities that explore issues such as stereotyping, prejudice and rights (and relates these to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Section 2 uses the media to explore the topic of climate change relating the theme to situations and events in Ireland and around the world with media reports and case studies included. Section 3 examines a number of issues such as pensions, social protection, health, HIV and AIDS and work with examples from Ireland and internationally. The final section includes a list of resources on the topics explored plus detailed outlines of a suggested 2 hour and 2 day workshop on these themes.

The resource includes a very broad range of activities of varying length on a variety of themes plus extensive case studies.

Big Ideas in this Resource

  • explores the impact of a variety of development issues on older people and on vulnerable groups generally
  • looks specifically at issues such as prejudice, health, work, pensions and social protection includes many case studies from Ireland and around the world
  • includes an extensive list of activities for learning

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Download PDF: Older People on the Global Agenda Education Pack