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Be The Change: a toolkit for taking action against poverty and injustice


A resource produced for individuals and groups interested in a ‘how to’ guide to campaigning and changemaking. An activist toolkit designed for those looking to learn how to plan a campaign and effectively use social and traditional media to communicate your message on global issues to fight injustice from Ireland.

Resource Details

  • Date added: 4th September 2014
  • Author: Comhlámh
  • Publisher: Comhlámh
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2013
  • Page Count: 40


“If you want to take action from Ireland on the issues that cause poverty and injustice around the world, then this is the booklet for you! Maybe you’ve spent some time in a developing country, and it changed the way you see the world and inspired you to do more when you returned home, or maybe you’re someone who feels passionately about injustice and want to do something to challenge it.”

Once you have worked out the issues you are interested in and passionate about, this resource is here to help you begin to take action. It includes practical advice, tips and stories of how others in Ireland have had a positive impact on the world by, for example, using the media, engaging with our political system, and campaigning. It also includes information on where to go to learn more and develop your skills and confidence further.

This resource supports readers in joining the many individuals, groups and movements who find a myriad of ways to fight against unfair situations. These include big and small things, individual and group actions.

This resource aims to support individuals and groups in “figuring out how they can be part of making this world a more equitable and just place where the many matter more than the few”.

This resource includes:


  1. Introduction
  2. Decision
  3. Campaigning
  4. Communicating your message
  5. Getting the most from the media
  6. Social media tips
  7. Direct Action
  8. Lobbying the powers that be
  9. Using the Irish political system
  10. Talking to your Political Representative

Further info: Be the Change is a companion to 3 other Comhlámh resources that support returned development workers and overseas volunteers:

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