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Creativity, Resilience & Global Citizenship: Activity Toolkit


This publication is a step by step guide to a range of activities exploring the themes of Creativity, Resilience & Global Citizenship through a wide range of workshops, sharing creative methods and tools.

It has been co-developed by the Fast Forward training programme which brought together young people and youth workers from Ireland, Hungary, Italy and UK in Cork, Ireland in January 2015. It was developed with thirty young people: youth workers, artists and educators who are passionate about supporting young people to grow as global citizens.

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Through the programme and as shared in this resource, the participants identified a range of competences that they believe are important to nurture if young people are to grow as resilient, active global citizens:

  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Motivation to learn and reflect
  • Awareness and critical thinking
  • Confidence and motivation
  • Initiative and participation
  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Teamwork and co-operation
  • Solidarity
  • Open-mindedness, acceptance of diversity, belief in equality and ability to engage with different perspectives
  • Empathy, openness and reaching out to others
  • Awareness consciousness of oneself and others
  • Humility, forgiveness and consideration of others’ needs
  • Flexibility

The activities that are presented support the nurturing of these competences. While some activities have been presented with the structure and flow of a workshop, we see this toolkit as a pot of inspiration. We encourage your creativity in adapting and combining activities to meet the needs and interests of your own participants.

Creative methodologies explored (and suggested) include:

  • creative writing
  • use of clay
  • turning to our environment
  • creating a personal poster
  • introducing’ theatre of the oppressed’ methods
  • songwriting

The key strands that activities reinforce:

Creativity: Connecting with our own creativity empowers us to find our voice, develop our perspectives and express ourselves. Collaborating creatively inspires ideas, action and hope for a more just and sustainable future. It evokes participation, passion and positive change.

Resilience: The focus on resilience and wellbeing is in recognition of the challenges of living in a rapidly changing, challenging and unequal world. We need to nurture young people’s capacity to be resilient so that they are able to cope with these changes in a way that has positive impact on themselves and others around them.

Global Citizenship: A sense of global citizenship is important so that our values, behaviour and actions are shaped in a way that makes a more viable, fair and just world possible

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An accompanying publication, “Creativity, Resilience & Global Citizenship – Explorations, Reflections and Recommendations”, presents the connections between the programme themes, our learning outcomes and recommendations. It is useful to provide a context for anyone engaging others in the creative activities presented in this toolkit.

The programme was delivered in partnership with Youth work Ireland,Cork and was supported by Leargas under Erasmus+

The purpose of the training programme was to explore, learn and share our insights about the themes of creativity, resilience and global citizenship. A publication developed during the programme presents the connections between these themes, our learning outcomes and our recommendations as well as a practical tool kit for use by educators.

It has been co-developed with thirty young people: youth workers, artists and educators who are passionate about supporting young people to grow as global citizens. They chose to participate as they want to improve their practice in engaging young people with global citizenship education.

They also want to contribute to influencing change in policy and, ultimately, the environment that young people grow up in in a way that will enable them to be more resilient and active global.

Note: The outcomes are relevant to any field where learning takes place, including formal education.

Available from:

Download: Creativity, Resilience & Global Citizenship Activity Toolkit PDF (20MB)

Online: Creativity and Change programme website, based in Cork, Ireland

Alternative version: via Issuu