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Development Issues: Aid Works


Aid Works is a four-page fact sheet exploring the main issues and questions raised about aid, written in a very accessible and user-friendly manner.

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  • Author: Nicki Flynn and Michael Doorly
  • Publisher: Concern Worldwide
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2009
  • Page Count: 4


Aid Works is a concise factsheet from Concern that explores the subject of aid. It explains what aid and official development assistance (ODA) are and how ODA is calculated. It gives clear key facts on the issue as well as a case study of progress made in Uganda as a direct result of aid from the Irish Government and Concern itself.

The factsheet has a comprehensive section on debating the subject of aid, exploring the arguments for and against – while also stating Concern’s own viewpoint on the issue of aid. Aid Works also looks at aid effectiveness and what be being done to improve this.

Suggested Use

To gain a basic knowledge on the issues surrounding aid and to stimulate discussion or debate also.

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