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Digging Deeper – Exploring resource extraction and our connection to the Earth


Digging Deeper supports post-primary school teachers in Northern Ireland to open conversations with students about mining and resource extraction.

The activity-drive resource is populated with real-life stories; stories from individuals affected by the issues in Peru and Northern Ireland; stories from those who are creating real and attractive alternatives; stories from brave individuals who refuse to accept that profit and greed should be valued more than people and planet.

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The resource is centered around 23 activities in 5 sections: 1. Take Notice; 2. Connect; 3. Keep Learning; 4. Solidarity; 5. Be Active.

Digging Deeper aims:

  1. To highlight the issue of mining and resource extraction, and the impact of this on local communities, the environment and our world;
  2. To connect students with the issues of mining and resource extraction from a ‘heart’ as well as ‘head’ perspective;
  3. To develop a sense of awareness, compassion and connection with the earth and people living locally and globally;
  4. To enable students to make the connection between local and global issues, connecting with people across the world and learning more about their own country.

This resource takes a unique approach to global justice issues. As well as sharing information and generating knowledge among students, the resource:

  • Includes a 1-page on ‘Why Teach These Issues’ is included as the basis for introducing and exploring 3 key concepts: Consumerism, Community Impact and Earth Democracy.
  • Connects ‘heads’ to their ‘hearts’ – triggering and stimulating their emotional intelligence. Drawing on the work Children in Crossfire initiated around compassion education, ‘Educating the Heart‘, the resource uses methodologies that educate both heads and hearts, linking personal development to active citizenship;
  • Invites participants to create, connect and think of things differently. We do not always need to find the right answer, but instead explore different perspectives on an issue can enrich the learning process.
  • Covers issues such as mining, precious minerals and fossil fuel extraction projects (i.e. gold, copper, coal) in Latin America (Peru) and Europe (Northern Ireland and Ireland)
  • Is self-paced based on the pace that students feel comfortable with, starting from where they are at themselves with their understanding of the issues and growing the learning from here.
  • Includes active learning methods, planning worksheets, role play and case studies of extraction and mining projects, as well as onward links to videos, websites, documentaries, blogs and more.

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Download Digging Deeper PDF (6.9mb)

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