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Divestment Creative Action Manual


Global Divestment Day falls on February 13th and 14th, and is a time to take on the richest corporations in the history of money in a creative way. The idea is to shift corporations way from fossil fuels to a more sustainable energy source such as wind mills and solar panels

This Divestment Creative Action Manual is designed to share some of the most creative ideas for Divestment actions. Most of these actions ideas come directly from different divestment groups around the world, who are already doing great work moving the public discourse by moving money away from the fossil fuel industry.

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This Divestment Creative Action Manual contains a number of sample actions which can be taken as part of the overall campaign for moving money away from the fossil fuel industry.

Most of these action ideas have been highlighted because they work both as an organising tactic but also as campaigning tactics. Think about how these actions can be most useful for achieving your goals and how each of the different tactics can support those goals also.

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Download Divestment Creative Action Manual PDF (2.8 MB)

Further info available from Go Fossil Free website.