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Equality and Diversity: Building a culture of equality in our society


This resource is intended to support young people in critically exploring the concepts of equality and diversity and in acting to build a culture of equality within their own environment and within society. Looking specifically at equality and diversity within the school, community and society, the resource provides an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and understanding of equality, develop the skills to critically analyse inequality, and become empowered to actively promote equality within their school and/or community.

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Topics covered in this resource:

  • Exploring Diversity
  • Perceptions and stereotypes
  • Exploring equality
  • Equality and the law
  • Equality on the agenda

Each lesson plan includes Learning Intentions, Resources Needed, and a description of the activities. Several of the lessons involve photos and video clips. The lesson plans are also explicitly linked to the curriculum.

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Download Equality and Diversity PDF (4.62 MB)