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Global Citizenship Education: Curious Teachers, Critical Classrooms


Global Citizenship Education is a text book for everything you need to know to teach global citizenship education (GCE) in primary schools.

It is written in an accessible manner with an awareness of the busy timetables and schedules of student and classroom teachers alike.

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“Dear Teacher….I have been dreaming about this book for more than a decade. I am, and always have been, passionate about Global Citizenship Education (GCE) and visualised this book because I wanted to provide students and teachers with an accessible starting point for learning about this important field.

…. I believe that teaching is a form of activism, and that incorporating GCE into our education system as early as possible is one of the most impactful actions we can take to contribute to shaping a more just and sustainable world for everyone.”

– open letter to teachers from Brighid Golden, editor of Global Citizenship Education: Curious Teachers, Critical Classrooms

Global Citizenship Education: Curious Teachers, Critical Classrooms includes:

  • Chapters which explore a variety of justice issues to develop your knowledge and awareness around GCE topics
  • Chapters which will take you through a variety of common teaching methodologies.
  • A glossary of key terminology in this field
  • A variety of practical appendices with lesson ideas
  • Designed as an interactive pdf which includes clickable links to external websites or pages
  • A resource directory.

Part 1. includes chapters which give an overview of important concepts within Global
Citizenship Education (GCE).

Part 2. includes chapters that support your understanding of inequality and in doing so develop the rationale for why it is important to include GCE in primary classrooms.

Part 3. explores a variety of approaches and considerations in relation to implementing GCE in classrooms.

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