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Global food – waste not, want not


With the global population estimated to reach 9.5 billion by 2075, mankind needs to ensure it has the food resources available to feed all these people. With current practices wasting up to 50% of all food produced, engineers need to act now and promote sustainable ways to reduce waste from the farm to the supermarket and to the consumer. This report has been produced in the context of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers strategic themes of Energy, Environment, Education, Manufacturing and Transport, and its vision of ‘Improving the world through engineering’.

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  • Author: George Aggidis, Prof Ian Arbon, Colin Brown, Charles Clarke, John Earp, Tim Fox, David Greenway, Alistair Smith, Bob Stannard, David Warriner, Simon Whatley, David Williams
  • Publisher: Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • Country of Publication: United Kingdom (UK)
  • Year: 2013
  • Page Count: 36


This document examines the problem of food wastage, and its impact on the global food demand. This document examines the topics of responsible and sustainable land, water and energy consumption and their impact on food waste, and makes recommendations for tackling the issue of global food waste.

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