Honduras - Junior primary resource


This resource provides teachers of junior infants to 2nd class with information and activities that explore the theme of poverty and the impact the community can make in dealing with poverty.

Author: Trocaire

Publisher: Trocaire

Year: 2012

Pages: 12

Country of Origin: Ireland

Keywords: Activities, Community, Culture, Customs, Honduras, Junior Infants, Key Stage 1, Poverty, Primary, Tradition, Trocaire

Target Audience: 3-5 years 5-8 years Early Years Junior Primary

Curriculum Subjects: Art, Craft and Design English Irish Languages Mathematics Music Physical Education Religious Education Social Environmental and Scientific Education Social Personal and Health Education Spanish

Available Formats: Booklet

Tags: Activities Culture Poverty Teaching

Available from:

Download Honduras – Junior primary resource PDF

Download Irish language version PDF


The pack is designed to inform and challenge the children’s perceptions of Honduras. The activities aim to stimulate active discussion and critical thinking about the issues raised in the photos. The pack contains 4 A4 photographs, curriculum links, classroom activities, prayer service, worksheet, posters and interactive activities. 

Suggested Uses

To introduce the issue of poverty.

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