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Illegitimate Debt: A Facilitators Resource for Community Education


This 24 page resource is the first issue of a series of educational resources that Debt and Development Coalition Ireland have produced on the theme of ‘Mobilising Against Unjust South-North Resource Flows’ (the theme for their work from 2008-2011). The resource sets out a series of simple activities that aim to support development education in this area.

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There are a number of activities will a wealth of background information and step by step guides as to how they can be carried out. There are also suggestions for debating exercises and an annotated list of websites for further reading or research.

Big ideas in this resource

  • To support learning on the issue of debt
  • To inform people and open up discussion on the subject of debt

Further reading

See the Debt and Development Coalition Ireland’s other publications on A Down to Earth Guide to The Debt Crisis and How the World Works

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