Resource Title

Information Pack on Latin America


This is an information and learning resource providing an introduction to Latin America. From the history of Latin America to Environment and Labour, this user-friendly pack provides a good starting point for those who wish to learn more about Latin America. It includes good links for further information on each theme, as well as links to actions taking place on the issues mentioned.

Big Ideas in this Resource

  • Explores some of the development issues as they Latin America
  • Explores the links between Ireland and Latin America

Suggested Use

  • As an introduction to development issues in Latin America
  • As complementary information for workshops / training programmes

Resource Details


The information pack offers an introduction to Latin America and to the main development issues affecting the region. The topics included in the pack are: History of Latin America; its environment; social movements; trade agreements; labour and health.  The pack is designed in a user-friendly format with 10 detachable pages to be used individually. Each theme is accompanied by further links to further explore the issue and learn how to take action.

Available from:

Download Latin America Information Pack PDF

Hard copies available at LASC, 5 Merrion Row, Dublin 2.