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Ireland’s environment: An assessment


The aim of the state of the environment and indicator reports is to provide ongoing, timely information and knowledge to the general public, as well as to policymakers and to key economic sectors so as to support action to protect and manage the environment. This resource highlights a lot of information on Ireland’s environment, and comprehensively covers a wide range of environmental issues.

The report is published every four years, beginning in 1996. It is very detailed and comprehensive, but is presented in a clear and readable way.

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This report provides an outline of the socio-economic developments that have impacts and consequences for the environment, together with thematic assessments focusing on key trends, challenges and actions for climate change, air, water, waste, nature, and land and soil.

The final section of the report provides a more in-depth integrated assessment of Ireland’s environment within a broad socio-economic context, looking in particular at the environment and economy and the environment and health themes, and identifying the future challenges for Ireland’s environment.

The overall conclusion of the report is that Ireland’s environment remains in a good condition, although there are a number of key challenges in the coming years. The report identifies four priority challenges for the environment:

  • Valuing and protecting our natural environment;

  • Building a resource-efficient low-carbon economy;

  • Putting the environment at the centre of our decision making;

  • Implementing environmental legislation.


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