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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Food Waste


This video uses comedy to examine the scale and problems of food waste, poverty and the food industry in America (including topics such as the marketing of food, food labels and more). Each point made in the video is backed up by facts and video clips which brings the content to life.

Although only seventeen minutes long, this video covers the vastness of food wastage in America, investigates some of its prime causes and prescribes some solutions to the problem.

*Note* This video contains some bleeped out curse words and adult humour.

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This video is part of John Oliver’s wider TV programme which satirises current affairs. The setup of this video is John Oliver presenting as if part of a news station, but the news content is John’s comedic take on America’s food wastage.

Facts are brought to light throughout this video with visuals and video clips, along with short interviews with various people affected by this issue.

This video explores the magnitude of America’s food wastage, what it’s causes are and some possible solutions. However as this video is only seventeen minutes long it may be best used to complement workshops/lessons on consumption and hunger.