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Millennium Development Goals report 2015


This report uses big data sets collected from various organisations to analyse the successes and shortcomings of the Millennium Development Goals. The resource gives a broad overview of data trends over time for the major themes of each of the goals.

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This resource focuses on each of the Millennium Development Goals individually, giving key facts, data and graphs for each target, and narrative around note worthy points.

A key strength of this resource is its graphs: data is brought to life in accessible and aesthetically pleasing graphics, which bring the numbers to life. This resource would be excellent for background research or supporting a presentation on the MDGs .

While attention is brought to the shortcomings of the MDGs, a weakness of this resource may be that it does not delve deep enough into the figures and what they mean in a negative sense. A critical engagement with the data in this resource is recommended.

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Download Millenium_Development_Goals_Report_2015 PDF (6.2MB)

Visit the United Nations Development Programme MDG Report 2015 page to access the report in French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese