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Our Sustainable Future: A Framework for Sustainable Development in Ireland


This framework is Ireland’s main contribution to the Rio 20+ summit in 2012. The framework sets out 70 measures to improve the lives or Irish people, both in the present and the future. Set in the context of sustainable development, the framework addresses challenges, aims and implementation of Ireland’s development agenda.

This document is useful for understanding Ireland’s policy position on sustainable development, as well as an overview of the types of issues discussed when addressing sustainable development, particularly on a country/policy level.

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This document is comprehensive and addresses, in depth, Ireland’s Sustainable Development Policy. It covers actions of the government at every level down to the local. It contains some usable graphs to illustrate various points and subjects.

  • Section one of this document is an introduction to the concept of sustainable development, as well as Ireland’s own sustainable development policy.
  • Section two addresses Ireland’s challenges to the development agenda.
  • Section three discusses Ireland’s implementation of the agenda.
  • Section four discusses the future and section five addresses measurement of implementation.

Regarding specific issues addressed this document covers public finances and economic resilience, natural resources, agriculture, climate change, transport, public health, education, innovation and research, education, skills and training, and global poverty.

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Download Our Sustainable Future PDF (2.99MB)

  • For alternative perspectives, visit Environmental Pillar, a coalition of environmental organisations in Ireland