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Oxfam and a rice-growing revolution in Liberia


This uplifting and enthusiastic video tells the story of a Liberian farmer, Susanna Edwards, as her capacity for farming is improved through assistance from Oxfam in building structures on the local river. This video highlights the power of aid when it takes into account the needs of the people it is helping. It also brings attention to the importance of empowerment, particularly when locals knowledge is respected.

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Date: 26 Dec 2013

This video came third in the 2014 Golden radiator awards – a Norweigan initaitive by the The Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) to highlight both the positive and negative examples on fundraising campaigns

The Golden Radiator Award goes to ‘the fundraising video using creativity and creating engagement. This kind of charity campaign is stepping outside of the common way with using stereotypes.’

The jury said of the video:

Although this video doesn’t entice people to act, it primes people in the demystification process. When you give money, this is what it goes to. The lady is very charismatic, and she shines on camera as she presents her own life. How agriculture impacts the lives of people is a difficult topic, but this video presents the problem with perspectives from the ground. This needs to be explored more often.

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