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Palestine and Israel: How will there be a just peace? A Citizenship Education Resource for Transition Year and Key Stage 4


This resource is an important development in helping post-primary students throughout the island of Ireland to explore the Palestinian Israeli situation within the context of Human Rights and International Law.

The resource addresses key issues underlying the origins of the conflict and current obstacles to bringing about a just peace.

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This resource is intended to support young people in critically exploring conflict and peace building within a framework of Human Rights and International Law.

Looking specifically at the Palestinian/ Israeli situation, the resource provides an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and understanding, develop their skills of critical analysis, and share the experiences of those working towards a peaceful outcome.

Several of the lessons involve photos, maps and video clips and the resource has been supported by a strong set of original designs, infographics and illustration features.

Using a variety of active learning methodologies, the resource enables students to:

  • Understand the origins of the situation and the current barriers to peace
  • Learn about the role of international law and the United Nations in protecting human rights
  • Experience the work of peace activists, both Palestinian and Israeli
  • Develop their own peace proposals

In more detail, this resource:

  • Enables the student to move from an understanding of the situation into consideration of how that situation might change.
  • It focus’ on the work of Palestinian and Israeli NGOs and encourages students to think creatively and constructively of potential solutions.
  • It examines the peace process and encourages students to critically appraise the role of national governments, NGOs, the public and the international community in building a lasting peace.
  • It enables students to realise that ordinary people can and do contribute to peace-building and the upholding of human rights, and that they too can contribute to peace building within their own communities.

The active learning methodologies used throughout the resource enable students to further develop the skills identified in the key skills frameworks for both jurisdictions. These include: managing information, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communicating, working with others, and being personally effective.

This resource is suitable for citizenship education and education for peace in terms of the Key Stage 4 curriculum in Northern Ireland and as an extension of CSPE into Transition Year education in the Republic of Ireland, as well as History components at Senior Cycle level.

Videos included with DVD

Video 1: Walled Horizons part 1 | 8:44mins | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian Territory

Video 2: Walled Horizons part 2 | 8:37mins | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian Territory

Video 3: The United Nations (UN) – a digital story (view from 0:55 – 3:02mins) | 5:35mins | Tasnim KP

Video 4: Parents Circle | 8:35mins |

Video 5: Rebuilding in Palestine Part 1 | 7:38mins | Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)

Video 6: Home (UNRWA – Peace Starts Here) | 4:50mins | United Nations Relief and Works Agency

Video 7: Keep Hope Alive plant an olive tree in Palestine | 2:14mins | The Olive Tree Campaign

Video 8: Stolen Children, Stolen Lives | 25:15mins | documentary by Gerry O’Sullivan

Video 9: Why I break the silence | 2:54mins | A former soldier, Doton Greenwald, explains his decision to speak up about his service in the occupied territories.

Video 10: To show them who’s who | 1:27mins | a First Sergeant describes how the soldiers intimidated villagers in the Ramallah area by their show of force.

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Download Palestine and Israel PDF (9.53MB)

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