Raghava KK: One Of The Most Remarkable People In The World


TEDxGateway: Raghava KK is a celebrated renowned Indian artist. CNN named him one of 10 remarkable people the world is yet to know of.

He began his career in art as a newspaper cartoonist, and the cartoonist’s bold line — and dead-on eye for truth — still powers his art. His work spans painting, sculpture, installation, film and performance, always linked by his challenging opinions on identity, conformity, gender, celebrity, ceremony

Author: Raghava KK

Publisher: TED

Year: 2012

Pages: 13:52

Country of Origin: USA

Keywords: Art, cartoons, english, design, enterprise, India, perspectives, narratives

Target Audience: 12-15 Years 16+ years 8-12 years Adult and Community Settings Youth Groups

Curriculum Subjects: Art, Craft and Design English

Available Formats: Cartoons Comic From the Developing World Video Clip

Tags: Activism Art Cartoons Creativity English


Published Feb 15, 2012

He shows in galleries and performance spaces around the world. He also spends much of his time teaching storytelling through art. Among his latest work is an Ipad book (POP-IT) that promotes multiple perspectives and empathy. He is a two time TED speaker. He lives and works out of New York.

He has collaborated with world famous artists such as Paul Simon, Erykah Badu, Yann Vasnier (perfumer). He was invited to be on a BBC panel on creativity and spoken in conferences around the world. He teaches a course at NuVu Studios, an experimental education project of the MIT Media Labs in Cambridge MA.

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