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SDG 12. Responsible Consumption and Production #SDGchallenge Info Pack


Concise digital ‘information pack’ that drives starter ideas for everyone to explore key issues and ideas behind each of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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This info pack explores the topic of sustainable consumption and production, the focus of SDG 12 and includes:

  • Easy-read introductory exploration of ideas and realities behind achieving sustainable consumption and production, including reducing waste generation and sustainable management of natural resources
  • A 4-step approach – Explore the Goal; Understand; Act; Share
  • Key facts, statistics and videos
  • 4 personal challenges for participants to work through

Info packs are updated monthly based on the workshops schedule and activity of monthly #SDGchallenge workshops. Workshop themes rotate once-per month based on each Goal.

What is the #SDGchallenge?

The #SDGchallenge is a development education project which aims to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and motivation to take informed action to contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The #SDGchallenge is led by Irish NGO Development Perspectives.

The SDG Challenge focuses on the non-formal learning sector, with many entry points in order to ensure easy and diverse levels of participation.

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Explore the Info Packs index page for the most up to date version.  (Last update SDG 12. Responsible Consumption and Production info pack: August 23, 2018)