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Thirsting for Justice: Defending the Global Water commons


A multi-authored resource focused on the issue of water, explored by different writers on a variety of issues as they relate to water in Ireland and Latin America. Articles from different writers explore water and gender, water and youth, water and indigenous issues – with a special focus on the privatisation of water debate. Case studies about water struggles are included, as well as fact sheets on water across the world.

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The resource ‘Thirsting for Justice’ includes articles from various writers on the issues of water, exploring how privatisation of water has affected communities in Latin America and reflects on the situation in Ireland as part of Latin America Week 2007.

Water is explored from various different perspectives: Water and Gender; Water and Youth; Water and Debt; Water and Culture; Water and the environment with a special focus on the privatisation of water debate and in supporting the reader to understand the links between Ireland and Latin America.

Included are case studies about water struggles, as well as fact sheets on water around the world.

Big Ideas in this Resource

  • Highlights water struggles in the world and how communities have resisted water privatisation
  • Explores how water privatisation is affecting vulnerable communities
  • Looks at how the lack of access to water affects women, youth and children and indigenous people
  • examines the water justice movement: people defending their commons

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