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Transitions in Development


An educational resource for Transition Year produced by the Kerry Action for Development Education, to assist teachers and other educators in teaching development issues through the UN Millennium Development Goals.

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This 40-page resource includes a diverse range of 13 educational activities focused on exploring 5 basic questions with reference to global poverty and the Millennium Development Goals:

  1. What is development?
  2. Where is the world’s wealth?
  3. What should be done and who should do it? A focus on the MDGs
  4. What will I do? Includes individual & class projects
  5. Beyond the School Projects? Being an Active (global) Citizen

Each activity is supported with learning objectives, discussion questions and a step by step approach and pages for printing/photocopying. The activities are ready-made and can be used as part of a development eudcation programme or adapted for once-off sessions.

Also included are: external links or further research; tips for the teacher in teaching about development issues; information sheets; activity cards, information sheets, budgeting sheets; images; maps, situation activities.

Other information

Teachers’ Transition Year Manual to accompany the TY Unit Developing Local and Global Links compiled by KADE.

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Download Transitions in Development PDF (13MB)

For more info on the Kerry One World Centre and the work of KADE visit