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Who We Are: dealing with difference


This resource focuses on exploring identity and belonging at both individual and community levels. It contains material for teachers and youth workers to use with children and young adults focusing on sectarianism and ways of moving beyond it.

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This resource aims to make available practical, attractive, experiential and multi-media resources, appropriate to both school and youth settings, which will facilitate the exploration of some key issues and themes from the research project ‘Moving Beyond Sectarianism’.

It seeks:

  • To develop children’s and young people’s understanding of ‘who we are’, exploring identity
  • and belonging at both individual and community level
  • To develop an understanding of own and other’s feelings and emotions
  • To promote positive identity
  • To consider similarities and difference within and between communities
  • To develop skills for handling conflict and ‘dealing with difference’

It is strongly recommended that anyone wishing to use activities in this resource in either the formal school or informal youth sectors, and not familiar with ‘circle time’; small group work; and experiential, action-based learning with young people, seek and attend some training before using them. There are a number of organizations that provide such training and they are listed in the skills section of this introduction. For further reading, there is also a separate bibliography provided, in each of the three sections.

This resource includes:

  • Extensive guidance notes for facilitators
  • Games, templates and detailed activity notes
  • Detailed extended links support for further research and reading


Contents list:


learning about:

  • sectarianism
  • identity – own; family; community
  • belonging
  • historical roots


learning about:

  • identity and belonging
  • making and using worship resources


learning about:

  • feelings
  • difference
  • conflict
  • processes

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Download Who We Are PDF (4.10MB)