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Young Activist’s Handbook: a young person’s guide to changing the world while having fun too


The Young Activist’s Handbook is a resource for youth and student activists looking to campaign on environmental justice issues. it includes tips and insider tricks based on an eclectic mix of experiences from student activism in Ireland.

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Packed with campaigning tools, ‘how to’ pages and background information this handbook is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking for tips, inside tricks and reference sheets suggested based on the experience and activities of the Young Friends of the Earth campaigning group.

As an A5 resource the handbook has been designed to be read quickly, with ease and on the go.

This resource includes:

  • ‘How to’ primers: writing a press release; getting media attention; recruiting volunteers; organising a fundraiser; organising a Green Week; lobbying an official; organising a protest; tips on
  • Beautiful illustrations and quick reference strategy sheets, on, for example: direct action and case studies; a campaign map; film production and editing – the basics; online activism
  • Concise background reading on Social Justice and the Environment; campaign mapping and the student calendar; Economics as if people and the planet mattered; ‘A world worth protecting’ reflection by Conrad Richardson
  • An annotated list of recommended political documentaries to watch (which is worth checking out)

This resource was prepared by Tara, Gwen, Candice, Orla, John, Jamie, Tom, Niall, Dave, Conrad, Declan, Molly, John H., Grace, Jigs and Trudie at Young Friends of the Earth.

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