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An economy for the 1% – How privilege and power in the economy drive extreme inequality and how this can be stopped

Year: 2016 | Published by: Oxfam

This paper is part of a series of papers written to inform public debate on development and humanitarian policy issues. …

Glen, Gary & Ross – a film about land grabs

Year: 2011 | Published by: Oxfam

This short film is based on Glengarry Glen Ross, the 1992 film where real-estate salesmen will do anything to make …

How land grabs deepen poverty in Guatemala

Year: 2012 | Published by: Oxfam

This shocking film, from the Polochic Valley in Guatemala, captures in detail with first hand accounts of what happens when …

Shattered Lives: the case for tough international arms control

Year: 2003 | Published by: Amnesty International, Control Arms, Oxfam

Arms kill more than half a million men, women, and children on average each year. Many thousands more are maimed, …

Where is our 10 per cent?

Year: 2014 | Published by: GROW, Oxfam

African artists are calling on the African Heads of State to keep their promises and invest at least 10% of …