Infographic: What’s wrong with our food system?

Another brilliant infographic has gone online from GOOD Magazine, this time in partnership with Oxfam Australia and directed at the global food system.

Consumption is a reoccurring theme for us (and on this blog!) as it relates to what we consume, how it is produced, who produces it and the impacts it has locally and globally. We are pleased to continue sharing projects that explore the causes as well as some solutions to the state of consumption in the world today.

GOOD and Oxfam give some background to the infographic:

Around the world every night, one in seven people go to bed hungry—that’s almost one billion people. People are hungry not because there isn’t enough food produced but because our food system is broken. In fact, 80% of the world’s hungry are directly involved in food production. We can address this hunger if we support small-scale food producers, tackle climate change, and reduce food waste.

Click on the infographic below to view it in full, or follow this link to view it online as a zoom-able (flash) page. It presents plenty of themes and statistics worth looking at further, such as food waste, climate change, food prices, hunger and producers of food.