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Revolution! Not roses.

Gina Dorso and Ciara Regan explore how they are marking International Women’s Day 2022 by reminding themselves that the hard work continues.

Heavy lifting: women and water

As ever, there’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that the MDG Goal to increase the population with access to safe drinking

The empowering Burkini

Just imagine you’re sat relaxing in the sun during the summer. You have a swim in the beautiful waters of the French Riviera. Along come

Erasure and the World Cup

The balls for this year’s FIFA World Cup were made by predominately female workers earning €122 a month in the Forward Sport factory in East Pakistan.

Are Africa’s women on the rise?

This was the question question recently explored by Malawian women’s rights campaigner Jessie Kabwila for the BBC’s Africa Debate programme last week. There have been

10 best female pioneers?

image: We Can Do It poster by Howard J. Miller (1943) Yesterday UK newspaper The Observer updated its The 10 Best… series by launching the