Podcast – Global Health Matters

The Global Health Matters podcast provides a forum for discussing the most important global health topics of the day. Dr Garry Aslanyan, the host of the podcast from a research programme at the World Health Organization, discusses thought-provoking topics such as access to medicines, science diplomacy, the future of public health programmes in a post-pandemic world, diversity in global health and many more. The show features renowned experts and emerging voices with a focus on low- and middle-income country perspectives. For more episodes, visit the podcast website

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ICJ South Africa v Israel

Punching above its weight

Juan Acevedo-Ossa explores South Africa’s case against Israel as the latest example of its ability to act as a normative superpower, exceeding the great powers in shaping global moral discourse.

Empathy in a Divided World – workshop

Join us for this online session Empathy in a Divided World led by Brighid Golden to discuss how educators can respond to the challenges of selective empathy, both for ourselves personally and with others in our different settings.