Issues & Topics

Our background primers on the big issues.

11 Key International Reports – a guide

Obtaining up-to-date information, facts, figures as well as case studies and viewpoints on important current development and human rights issues has never been easier. Apart

Ethical Consumption

Ethical Consumption is about making the connections between a product, where that product originated and in what context it has been produced.

Ideas & Values

These briefing notes have been designed to remind us of the larger, more fundamental questions that underpin specific issue discussions. Do we have duties and responsibilities in the world

Exploring The Shape of Our World Today

This module explores the basic shape of our world today: it highlights a range of key issues and challenges, how we see them and how others see them; it also explores key debates


The choices we make every day effect how the world is the way it is, and why things are the way they are. The consumption animations seek to question the underlying relationships between ‘us’ as consumers, ‘them’ as producers


“The truth about AIDS is of course a general truth about what the world is like today. In other words: what we allow the world

Women & Development

The role of women in developing countries, as explored throughout this module, has been recognised as the single most important factor when it comes to bringing about and sustaining long term social change.

This Is What Has Happened

HIV & AIDS, Women and Vulnerability in Zambia Through the use of photography and story telling, this report explores the human face behind the statistics


The loss of human life [due to hunger] is as great as if an atomic bomb – similar to the one that destroyed Hiroshima during

Millennium Development Goals

In 2000 the UN Millennium Declaration was adopted at the largest ever meeting of heads of state and committed those countries – rich and poor