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28 Stories of AIDS in Africa


The book documents the ‘stories’ of 28 people from across Africa of how they became infected with HIV and their lives afterwards.

Seven years ago the journalist Stephanie Nolen convinced her editors in Canada’s national paper, The Globe and Mail, that they were missing out on what she considered the biggest story ever. She was sent to Africa to cover the pandemic, and after years of travelling the Continent and reporting from the frontlines of African HIV activism, she wrote a book to tackle the developed world’s lack of engagement with the issue.

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Many people in the developed world are unaware of severity of the situation of the HIV and AIDS crisis in Africa. Here, they are presented with grim statistics, which are sometimes difficult to absorb.

Big Ideas in this Book

  • humanises HIV and AIDS
  • supports a insider knowledge in understanding the reality of the issues surrounding the pandemic
  • gives a voice to the voiceless

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