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Advocacy Matters: Helping children change their world


This advocacy training guide consists of two complementary manuals: the Facilitator’s Manual and the Participant’s Manual – designed to be used together.

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This guide has been designed for Save the Children staff and partners who are involved in advocacy work with young people. It can be used to help you run an advocacy workshop, or as a general advocacy resource. The training material consists of a mixture of practical exercises and theory so that participants learn about advocacy in a way that is relevant to their specific needs and context, and supports in the development of a draft advocacy or strategy during the training.

The Facilitator’s Manual is aimed at anyone who is designing or facilitating an advocacy workshop, including people who don’t have much experience as trainers or as advocates. It contains information on how to design, plan and run a workshop, plus individual session plans.

The Participant’s Manual contains background material on each topic, case stories, and references to further resources. It is a resource guide for both facilitators and participants.

Big Ideas in this Resource

Participants in this training will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding, and develop a working definition, of experience and evidence-based advocacy as it applies to children’s needs and rights
  • Understand the basic elements of advocacy, its role in Save the Children, and how it is integrated into programme work to achieve real and lasting results for children
  • Learn a set of steps to plan for strategic advocacy and begin to develop an advocacy plan related to your work
  • Strengthen personal relationships with fellow advocates, learning from each other’s experience, and working towards building a community of advocacy practitioners
  • Develop a plan to share this workshop’s learning with colleagues, allies and constituents.

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Download The Facilitator’s Manual PDF

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