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Advert: A second a day

Year: 2014 | Published by: Save the Children

A young girl’s life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. Could this ever happen in the …

Working Children Worldwide: Child labour and Globalisation

Year: 2004 | Published by: Save the Children

This 78-page cross-curricular pack and poster on child labour and globalisation provides information and stimulating activities to help pupils explore …

Advocacy Matters: Helping children change their world

Year: 2011 | Published by: Save the Children

This advocacy training guide consists of two complementary manuals: the Facilitator’s Manual and the Participant’s Manual – designed to be used together.

Children’s Rights – Spice ‘Em Up!

Year: 2010 | Published by: Save the Children

Based on Save the Children’s widely used toolbox resource Participation – Spice it Up!  provides creative training materials to make …

Participation – Spice it Up! Practical tools for engaging children and young people in planning and consultations

Year: 2003 | Published by: Save the Children

This fun and lively manual provides more than 40 tried-and-tested activities and games to get children and young people involved …

Leave It Out: Developing anti-homophobic bullying practice in schools

Year: 2008 | Published by: Save the Children

A resource to help change attitudes and behaviours within the school community.