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Africa Human Development Report 2012: Towards a Food Secure Future


The 2012 Human Development Report for Africa explores why dehumanising hunger remains pervasive in the region, despite abundant agricultural resources, a favourable growing climate and rapid economic growth rates. It also emphasises that food security – the ability to consistently acquire enough calories and nutrients for a healthy and productive life – is essential for human development.

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The report argues that in order to boost food security, action needs to be taken in these 4 key areas:

  1. Agricultural productivity (increasing this in sustainable ways can bolster food production and economic opportunities, thereby improving food availability and increasing purchasing power)
  2. Nutrition
  3. Access to food
  4. Empowerment of the rural poor – especially women, and harnessing the power of information, innovation and markets can promote equitable allocation of food and resources within families and across communities.

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