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Challenging Perspectives: Teaching Globalisation and Diversity in the Knowledge Society


Challenging Perspectives is a report of a conference of the same title, organised by DICE (Development and Intercultural Education) as an e-book of development education and intercultural education research for teacher educators.

It includes a selection of articles focused on providing insights into how “educators can gain the capacity to impart a critical awareness of media representations of the Global South and thereby resolve some of the challenges posed by the knowledge society.”

Resource Details

  • Author: Matthias Fiedler and Astrid V Pérez Piñán
  • Publisher: DICE Project
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2008
  • Page Count: 84


The e-book is separated into 2 separate sections:

1. Contemporary challenges in teaching and learning about globalisation and diversity. This section includes:

  • Separating ‘development and intercultural education’ – meeting the needs of 21st-century Ireland by Barbara O’Toole and;
  • The role of technology in addressing contemporary teaching and learning challenges by Anna Dillon and Deidre O’Rourke.

2. Challenging perspectives of the world in the classroom:

  • Imaging of the South vs images from the South by Son Gyoh;
  • Beyond the image: the intersection of education for development with media literacy by Gerry Jeffers;
  • Teaching and learning in plurilingual schools: lessons from classrooms in Dublin 15 by Seán Bracken, Áine Clerkin, Brietta Mcdonnell and Nell Regan;
  • ‘Who lives here?’ developing children’s awareness and knowledge of cultural diversity: a school-based project by Ronan ward

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