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From the College to the Classroom: The Impact of DICE Courses on the Inclusion of Development Education and Intercultural Education in the Primary Classroom

Year: 2009 | Published by: DICE Project

This report presents the findings from a research study undertaken by the Development and InterCultural Education (DICE) Project. The project …

Global Education: Teacher’s views

Year: 2006 | Published by: DICE Project

This research report is a small-scale study which was commissioned by DICE in a cluster of Dublin schools in January …

Intercultural events in schools and colleges of education

Year: 2013 | Published by: DICE Project, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Social Inclusion Unit, Froebal College of Further Education

Intercultural Education is education which respects, celebrates and recognises the normality of diversity in all areas of human life. This …

Analysis of the Impact of DICE modules in Initial Teacher Education on Students’ Knowledge and Views of the Global Dimension in Education

Year: 2007 | Published by: DICE Project

This research explored the knowledge of and views on the global dimension in education amongst student teachers – both before …

Education Between Ethics and Religion: From Denominationalism to Where?

Year: 2015 | Published by: DICE Project

This PowerPoint addresses religion and ethics within the context of Irish schools. In Ireland most schools are denominational; this presentation …

Challenging Perspectives: Teaching globalisation and diversity in the knowledge society

Year: 2008 | Published by: DICE Project, Irish Aid

This resource is a collection of essays from expert contributors in which the fundamentals of teaching globalisation in the classroom …

Challenging Perspectives: Teaching Globalisation and Diversity in the Knowledge Society

Year: 2008 | Published by: DICE Project

Challenging Perspectives is a report of a conference of the same title, organised by DICE (Development and Intercultural Education) as …