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Children’s Rights – Spice ‘Em Up!


Based on Save the Children’s widely used toolbox resource Participation – Spice it Up!  provides creative training materials to make children’s rights education fun and engaging for everybody who works with or is a young person.

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Packed full of practical tools and ideas for engaging children and young people, Children’s Rights – Spice it Up! is serious yet fun way to deal with important issues relating to children’s rights.

Now young people in schools, youth clubs, healthcare settings or young people’s provision anywhere can explore what rights are, and what that means for them, with this toolkit of participative activities.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Background information – what rights are all about and ideas for taking a rights-based approach.
  • Top tips on group-work
  • A toolkit containing 37 practical activities to inspire and engage young people.
  • Practical resources – samples to photocopy, plus signposting to further sources of information.

Further reading

Participation – Spice ‘Em Up! was published in 2003 and is a companion resource to Children’s Rights– Spice ‘Em Up.

Available from:

Children’s Rights – Spice it Up! can be ordered via NBN International (on Save the Children’s website) or from Amazon UK (spiral bound copies).

Price: £19.95 (roughly €29.93)

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