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Development Education in Theory and Practice: An educator’s resource


This publication has been produced to provide a new teaching resource for academics and educators active in the field of Development Education and related disciplines. It covers twelve themes, each chapter includes both a conceptual overview and a teaching methodology section. The conceptual overview introduces the topic, explores the key concepts, theories and current debates. The teaching methodology section gives educators a set of tools that could help them introduce the topic in both formal and non-formal settings.

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The major themes covered in this resource are:

  • Development Education in Third Level Education
  • Global Citizenship Education in post-2015
  • Poverty: Who, Where and Why?
  • Global Inequality: Drivers and Challenges
  • Local and Global Governance: Role and Impact in Development
  • Migration and Development
  • Sustainable Development v. Economic Growth
  • Climate Change: Threats and Challenges
  • Food Production: Global Business, Local Consequences
  • Global Health: New Challenges
  • Human Rights Based Approaches to Development
  • From an Armchair to the Field. Civil Society and Social Activism: How to be Relevant and Engaged

Contributing authors include Eilish Dillon, Juraj Jancovic, Pavlos Koktsides, Alexander Apostolides, Odysseas Christou, Stavros K. Parlalis, Artur Wieczorek, Juraj Mesík, Grace Walsh, Tom Melvin, Snježana Bokulic, Zuzana Fialová.

Overall there are 52 teaching tools within this resource, spread over the 12 themes. Each theme/chapter has a full bibliography for further reading.


UNIDEV – Bridging the gap between theory and practice was a 3-year project, funded by the European Commission, and implemented by the NGO Support Centre in Cyprus, the Pontis Foundation in Slovakia and Kimmage Development Studies Centre in Ireland during 2013-2016.

This UNIDEV website was created within the framework of the project and can be used as a free resource tool by anyone interested in development related topics as it features a number of reports, policy papers, e-books and presentations on the topic

Available from:

Download: Development Education in Theory and Practice PDF (5.62MB)

Online: visit the UNIDEV website for more information and to order hard copies of this resource