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Education, Action, Solidarity, NOW! An Audit of Development Education and Global Citizenship Education Resources in Ireland 2017-2020


For writers, educators, funders and DIY education materials alike, this study is part of the ongoing research agenda to monitor, evaluate and take stock of development education (DE) / global citizenship education (GCE) learning resources produced in Ireland.

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The third audit of Development Education resources in Ireland draws on resources identified during the four-year period 2017 – 2020.

A number of key events, updates and contexts in development and education have impacted on the style, content and focus areas of resource developments.

Taken together, these events paint a picture of huge change, incremental progress and hostility towards the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. It has also been an era of pushback and  resistance underwritten by regular access to and engagement from development education (DE) and global citizenship education practitioners and programmes.


Executive Summary
Foreword to the third edition by Michael Doorly
1. Introduction
List of Charts, Tables and Case Studies
2. Aims and Scope of An Audit of Development Education Resources in Ireland 2017-20
3. Methodology and Caveats
4. Main Findings
5. Gaps and Observations
6. Recommendations

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