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Intercultural Education in Post-Primary Schools: Guidelines for Schools


Detailed guidelines to support intercultural education in post primary schools and classrooms with a set of guidelines and classroom resource references included.

Set of guidelines for whole school approaches and teaching strategies to plan for students to respect and delebrate diversity, to promote equality and to challenge unfair discrimination.

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These guidelines provide guidance for teachers and school management on:

  • mediating the curriculum in a way that reflects cultural diversity
  • making the curriculum as accessible as possible for children from ethnic minority groups
  • enhancing the intercultural experience of all pupils
  • creating an inclusive school culture.

The guidelines are designed to provide information for teachers and schools on ethnic and cultural diversity, racism and intercultural education as well as a practical resource that teachers can use in their everyday planning and teaching. It includes a range of exemplars based on classroom practice showing how to use an intercultural approach in a wide range of Junior Certificate subjects and a comprehensive resource list for teachers to access further information and teaching resources.

Official report by the NCCA for educators, teachers and school planners on intercultural education divided into 8 chapters covering issues such as:

  • school planning
  • classroom planning
  • approaches and methodologies
  • intercultural education across the curriculum
  • assessment
  • diversity
  • language and interculturalism
  • references to available classroom resources

Issues covered include the context of intercultural education in Ireland, racism, checklists for schools, the school environment and the wider community, classroom checklists, parental involvement, building cooperative learning environments, conflict resolution, similarity and difference, subject suggestions, mixed methods and assessement suggestions etc.

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