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Irish Aid Development Education Strategy 2017 – 2023


This strategy, developed out of a two year engagement between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and development education partners affirms the department’s commitment to development education and its central role to both Ireland’s international development programme and Irish foreign policy.

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Development education is driven by a desire to bring about a sustainable and just world, where people are empowered to overcome poverty and hunger and fully realise their rights and potential. This strategy seeks to increase the accessibility, quality and effectiveness of development education in Ireland. It aims to see quality development education delivered to a wide audience in a wide range of educational settings, both formal and non-formal, from classrooms to university campuses, from youth clubs to adult and community groups. It supports the delivery of high quality development education in the formal education system and its integration into formal curricula, programmes and policies. The document is available in English agus as Gaeilge.

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