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The Business of Food: Who Makes the Rules?


This resource has been developed for teachers to use to explore, with their students, the impact of trade on hunger and poverty in the developing world.

Resource Details

  • Date added: 1st May 2012
  • Author: Trócaire
  • Publisher: Trócaire
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2010
  • Page Count: 16


The resource has been written to compliment CSPE curriculums. It contains classroom and lesson plans; a DVD with video footage of stories from the developing world; ideas for taking action; student handouts; role-plays; and a glossary of key terms.

Available from:

Support videos on Youtube:

Part 1: Trade and the Right to Food (4:40mins)

Part 2: Rural Livelihoods and Global Markets (7:27mins)

Part 3: Families, Agriculture and Food (5:10mins)

These videos are also available on Vimeo.