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The community work approach to peace building: a resource guide to inform and engage the sector


The guide seeks to explore and begin a dialogue on the relationship between community work and peacebuilding focused on social change based on experiences from Northern Ireland and the border region.

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This resource is rooted in the values, theories and practices of reconciliation and post conflict community work. Designed as a learning aid for community workers and those interested in the learning lessons and strategies from peace work, the resource aims to:

  • Provide examples of creative ways to bring about such change using case studies;
  • Broaden understanding of the ways to measure successes as well as examine the potential for improvement;
  • Includes a ‘taking risks for peace’ section
  • Assist community workers in achieving positive outcomes and impacts for the communities that they work with; and
  • Be a practical resource for community workers by providing contact details for case studies and other useful links.

The eight case studies included are drawn from the following projects/organisations:

  • EXPAC ‘Conflict of Interest’;
  • Donegal YMCA – Cross Border Community Leadership and Family Support;
  • Community Dialogue – Asylum Seeking Community in Belfast;
  • The Playhouse –  ‘Theatre of Witness’ Project;
  • Donegal CWC –  ‘HELP’ Project;
  • Abhaile Arís;
  • Londonderry YMCA – ‘Gateway to Protestant Participation’ and
  • C. Galligan/Sligo County Community Forum — Intercultural Studies Course.

The resource also includes an excellent extended glossary of key terms relating to peace, conflict and reconciliation work.

Available from:

Download Community work approach to peace building PDF (2.31MB)

Visit the Community Workers Cooperative website