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Global South Resources online

Year: 2014

Global South Resources is a free collection of resources and lesson plans online for post-primary educators and students designed for …

Climate Name Change

Year: 2013 | Published by: 350 Action

Since 1954, the World Meteorological Organization has been naming extreme storms after people. The Climate Name Change campaign proposes a …

Advocacy: Capacity Development for Youth Groups (Training Guide)

Year: 2010 | Published by: Plan West Africa

This resource supports youth clubs and youth capacity development in the area of advocacy.

The community work approach to peace building: a resource guide to inform and engage the sector

Year: 2011 | Published by: Community Workers’ Cooperative

This resource is rooted in the values, theories and practices of reconciliation and post conflict community work. Designed as a …

Living in the Hollow of Plenty: World Hunger Today and The Hunger Map

Year: 2013 | Published by: Concern Worldwide,

This 20 page briefing paper and its accompanying support activities are part of the Food Rights Now education and awareness …

Finding Our Voice: a resource on debating world development

Year: 2012 | Published by: Concern Worldwide

Using the ‘art of debating’ as a platform for learning about global development issues and big ideas, Finding Our Voice …

The Activist’s Handbook: A Guide to Activism on Global Issues

Year: 2011 | Published by: Centre for Global Education (Belfast)

This publication is a practical tool to individuals and organisations interested in taking the step from concern about global injustices …

VOTE – Exploring Democracy Equality Participation and Elections

Year: 2005 | Published by: CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit

This resource has been specifically designed for teachers of CSPE interested in exploring the concept of democracy with their students. …

Concern Debates Handbook: A comprehensive guide for students teachers and adjudicators

Year: 2011

The Concern Debate Handbook outlines how to get involved in the Concern Debates and what must be done – from …

A Fine Balance

Year: 1995

Critics have lauded this book as one of the greatest novels of the late 20th century. Set in Bombay (now …

Burma VJ

Year: 2006 | Published by: The Cooperative

Sub-titled “Reporting from a Closed Country”, this inspirational documentary from the Danish filmmaker, Anders Østergaard, is about the 2007 Burmese …


Year: 2011 | Published by: Rise Films

This documentary exposes the secretive world of the Irish Traveller. Filmed over twelve years, Knuckle details a history of violence …

Allah is not Obliged

Year: 2007 | Published by: Anchor

‘Allah is not obliged to be fair about the things he does on earth.’ These are the words from the …