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This Is What Has Happened


Through the use of photography and story telling, this report and accompanying photopack explores the human face behind the statistics of HIV and AIDS and its impact on Zambia in Southern Africa.

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The report – This is What Has Happened, and photopack – The Lives we Live, focuses directly on the vulnerabilities of women as a result of the beliefs, values and structures that perpetuate their subordination in Zambian society. The report describes the dignity, resolve and strength of women in confronting these realities. There are 17 stories of real people – nurses, doctors, farmers, teachers fishermen, traditional leaders, etc. –  who talk about what being infected means, how they feel and how they are coping and “presents the picture of the AIDS epidemic’s preferential option for women.”  The report explicitly focuses on the vulnerability of women in five key areas – Bio medical, economic, social and cultural, legal and political, and educational vulnerabilities – and includes commentaries from HIV and AIDS professionals and activists.

The photopack focuses more broadly on the situation of women’s rights in Zambia and facilitates and supports a popular educational approach to learning. Includes 32 photographs and 10 suggested  activities for using them; suggested key questions and key words in exploring the photographs and issues;  24 theme focussed activities and information on key dimensions on human development.

Big Ideas in this Resource

  • Stimulate debate and discussion on women’s rights and vulnerabilities as they relate to HIV and AIDS
  • Provides first hand accounts of the issues of living with HIV and AIDS in a Zambian context
  • outlines the subordinated realities as experienced by women in Zambia
  • includes an interactive dimension in exploring these realities

Further Reading

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs 2010: The World’s Women 2010: Trends and Statistics

UNDP Human Development Reports

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