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Trading Trainers Game: a simulation game about working hard for a living and staying poor


We all own a pair of trainers, but do you know where and how your trainers are made? This free 14-page game highlights the situation facing many poor countries that manufacture trainers – where working hard for a living does not equate to earning a fair amount Christian Aid.

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The Trading Trainers Game is a simulation game set in an imaginary shanty-town in Latin America. It is about working hard and staying poor – making trainers to sell in the local market. It explores the way that unfair trade and unstable economics affects the lives of ordinary people in developing countries. Although developed in 1996, this game still has relevance in today’s unequal world. The resource is complete with instruction on how to play the game and materials required to play, role cards, Bank of Cafod ‘money’ and links for further information.

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