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Alice in Moneyland

Year: 2020 | Published by: Christian Aid

Join Alice as she travels through Moneyland and learns about how financialisation impacts the most vulnerable on everything from food, …

A Post-2015 Fiscal Revolution Human Rights Policy Brief

Year: 2014 | Published by: Christian Aid

A policy briefing by the Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) and Christian Aid which presents a blueprint for …

Trading Trainers Game: a simulation game about working hard for a living and staying poor

Year: 1996 | Published by: CAFOD, Christian Aid

We all own a pair of trainers, but do you know where and how your trainers are made? This free …

The Paper Bag Game

Year: 2007 | Published by: Christian Aid

An interactive game that gives an insight into what life is like for poor people who are trying to earn a living. …

The Poverty Challenge: exploring sustainability

Year: 2012 | Published by: Christian Aid

The Poverty Challenge is a simulation game that encourages young people to take on the role of families from six …

The Chocolate Trade Game

Year: 2008 | Published by: Christian Aid

Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar and discover along the way the difficulties workers …